The Typical Uncontested Divorce Process

Consultation (Optional)

If you just need to discuss your divorce options or if you are seeking new counsel for a divorce already in progess, you may want to have a consultation prior to a divorce appointment. There is a $100.00 fee for consultations that is applied towards your divorce case within thirty (30) days of the consultation.

Divorce Appointment

You will come in to give your information or follow-up with the information provided via our Online Client Information Sheet. We will prepare the the divorce documents for you and allow you to review them before and make any changes. You will be required to pay the legal fee in full at the appointment. If your divorce has service by publication, you will be required to pay the legal fee, filing fee, and publishing fee in full at the divorce appointment.

Divorce Document Signing

You and your spouse will need to sign the documents in the appropriate places and have your signatures notarized. At your request, we will mail the divorce documents to your spouse. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to have the paperworked signed and returned to us.

Waiting Period

When we receive the signed documents, we will file the divorce. There is a thirty-one day cooling off period required by Georgia law before the divorce case will be set down for a final hearing; you will be notified by phone or by mail of your court date. In some counties, an affidavit takes the place of an actual court appearance.

If minor children are directly affected by the divorce, there is often a seminar for divorcing parents which parents are required to attend.

Final Hearing

At the hearing, the Judge will sign the Final Judgement and Decree and the two parties become legally separated. You will be notified by mail of your hearing date. Mr. Leopard will attend the hearing with you or in your place.